Baltimore County Rental Inspections  (410) 733-3238
    Baltimore County Rental Inspections - Process - Call 410-733-3238
When you're ready, call me.  We'll make an appointment for the inspection.  It usually takes 30 - 45 minutes to complete.  The property can be occupied or not, either way is fine with me. 

If you can't make the appointment that's ok too.  However, you'll have to make arrangements to pay me.  Also,  I'll need access to the property which can be done by the tenant or an agent. 

I can digitize the Inspection Sheet to PDF format, email it to you and send you the original copy in the US Mail.  Otherwise if you prefer, I can give you the original Inspection Sheet on site.  I'll also be taking the required front and back view pictures and inserting them in a document for you.

The Baltimore County Rental License process includes additional application steps that you need to take.  You'll need to visit their website to find out all the facts on that.

To visit their webiste for more information click >>